Behind the Wheel

behind the wheelOur driving school offers behind the wheel driver education for teens and adults in Northern Virginia.  Our driving coaches are experienced and calm.  We teach rules of the road and safe driving habits with a little bit of Aloha.  Courtesy goes a long way while out on our busy roads.

For teens, we serve these high schools in Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties. For adults, we will work with you on the best times and locations for your behind the wheel driving.  We ask that you be located somewhere in Northern Virginia.

Please read reviews of our behind the wheel instructors here. Please register online or contact us to schedule.

Behind the Wheel Program (BTW) for teenagers from 15 ½ – 17 years old

Effective 04-15, mask are no longer required. However, you can wear one if you wish to.

**PLEASE NOTE: Teen’s must complete the Classroom portion of Drivers ED before they can start the Behind the Wheel Program**

  1. Seven (7) lessons
    – Generally completed within 2-3 weeks (Flexible scheduling)
    – Each lesson consists of 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observing the other student driver while listening to the instructor.
    – 7th lesson is the actual driver’s test. Upon passing that, we will issue your son/daughter a Temporary License that is valid for a 6-month period from the validation date or until he or she turns 18.
    – We send in the required paperwork to the DMV, they process it and mail the license to you home. Since Covid, the DMV no longer sends it to the Court. This may or may not change in time. Note: If the teenager turns 18 during this 6 month period, and he/she has held their learners permit for 9 months, they can take that Temporary License and their Learner’s Permit directly to the DMV and turn it in for their Full License at that time.
  2. We will assign an instructor for the 1st lesson and together, we can schedule that lesson during our phone call. When your son/daughter meets with the instructor, together they will schedule follow-on lessons to ensure it will not interfere with your son’s/daughter’s activities.
  3. If your son/daughter has not held their Learner’s Permit for the required 9-month period, we will still issue the Temporary License upon successful completion of the Driving Test but will have a validation date to start once the 9-month period has been completed.
  4. If your son/daughter has not completed the 45 hours (30 daytime/15 after sunset) of additional driving with another licensed driver, aged 21 or older, we will hold the Temporary License for you until we hear from the parent that this has been completed. The 7 lessons we provide will account for 6 hours towards the 45 hour requirement.
    a. If your son/daughter is under the age of 18 (15 ½ through 17) and has completed the 45 hours, a parent’s signature attesting to this act is required.
    b. The student, your son/daughter will need to complete the teen program before the age of 18. (18 and older is now part of the adult waiver program and/or adult driving lessons.)
  5. Pick up and drop off for most students are mostly from home, school or work if all are within the same public school boundaries.
  6. The three items we need on the first lesson are:
    a. Classroom completion card (also known as the Pink Card or DEC 1 card) received upon successful completion of their school’s Driver Education classroom instruction and the parent teen program certification.
    b. A photo copy of their Learner’s Permit.
    c. A check for $380 or your balance made out to Aloha Driving (subject to change).


If you have any other questions or want to schedule Adult (18 years old or older) please call us at 571-201-5299.

Aloha Fritz and the Aloha Driving Academy Team.
Aloha Driving Academy Coordinator